Irish Men’s Under-19 National Team Tryouts

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Ireland Lacrosse is pleased to announce the details of the trials for the Irish Men’s Under-19 National Lacrosse Team due to participate in the 2016 Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada from 7-16 July 2016.  This will be the first time that an Irish national team will compete in an under-19 world lacrosse championship event.


The trials for the 2016 Ireland Men’s Under-19 National Lacrosse Team will be held on Friday, 26th June until Sunday, 28th June 2015 at the University of Limerick in Ireland.


The trials will take place on campus at the University of Limerick.  Player-candidates will be required to check-in at the Sports Pavilion on the North Campus (see #36 on the campus map at  Note that there are two sports buildings on campus – the Sports Pavilion is on the north side of the River Shannon (the building on the south side of campus is the Sports Club and is the one with the 50m swimming pool).


Note that these times may be subject to change – any such change will be posted at

Friday, 26th June 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm Registration – Sports Pavilion (North Campus)
8:00pm- 10:00pm On-Field – All-Weather 4G Rugby pitch
Saturday, 27th June 2015 10:00am-1:00pm
On-Field – All-Weather 4G Rugby pitch
Sunday, 28th June 2015 10:00am-12:00noon On-Field – All-Weather 4G Rugby pitch

Registration and Payment

Player-candidates must register online at

The Selection Camp Registration Fee is now €100 or USD$120 (including registration on the first day of the trials). Payment may be made via PayPal to or to undertake a bank transfer, contact to request the relevant account information.  Please ensure that you include the name of the player-candidate in the narrative for the payment so that it can be identified.  Player-candidates must also be members of the Irish Lacrosse Foundation or Ireland Lacrosse to be eligible to tryout for the team – the online registration form and online payment facility for Ireland Lacrosse Membership is at

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the 2016 Irish U-19 Team:

  • You must hold an Irish Passport;
  • You must have a parent or grandparent born on the island of Ireland;
  • You must be a resident of the island of Ireland (and able to provide documentary evidence of this) for a minimum of 12 months between 1st January 2015 and 6th July 2016.
  • You must have been born between 1st September 1996 and 6th July 2000;
  • Players born after 1st September 1994 (and before 6th July 2000) are also eligible for this team provided that they have been or will be a resident of the island of Ireland (and are able to provide documentary evidence of this) for a minimum of 12 months within the period 1st January 2015 to 6th July 2016.

Additional Information

Each player-candidate is responsible for bringing their own equipment and should bring footwear suitable for playing on all-weather artificial (4G) grass. Each player will be given a numbered, reversible Ireland Lacrosse pinney included as part of their registration fee.

Following the tryout weekend, there will be a U-19 boys invitational tournament called the Celtic Open, also taking place at the University of Limerick, from 2-4 July 2015.  Players who take part in the tryout are encouraged to participate in this tournament – Ireland Lacrosse will be entering one or more teams in this tournament and will allocate such players to one of these teams accordingly.  You may notify us that you will be available and interested in participating in the Celtic Open tournament through the online registration form, following which you will be provided with the relevant information on the tournament package for tryout participants.  Further information about the Celtic Open 2015 is available at and at


Player-candidates are responsible for their own accommodation during the tryout.  Where a player-candidate intends to participate in the Celtic Open tournament, an accommodation package will be included as part of this covering the duration of the tournament.  Ireland Lacrosse has identified a number of hotels that are located nearby:



    • claire mcshane


      Dear Michael,
      I am trying to register my son, Patrick McShane, but when I enter his birth date it says it is in an invalid format. His birth date is 20th January 2000 and I am entering it as 20-01-2000.
      Thank you for your help.
      Yours truly,

    • claire mcshane


      I managed to register him using an iPad rather than a laptop computer. Thanks.

    • Sean Fitzsimmons


      HI i am from New Westminster, Canada, i am born in oct 1996. i have played for the Salmonbellies since i was young. i have won 3 field and box provincials in the top minor leagues. I also played for team BC box lacrosse midget division. i was wondering if i could speak with a head coach about trying out for the team. Thank you

    • Andy Meyers


      I am an Irish passport holder but I live in the United States and I was born on September 25, 1995. Do I still qualify to tryout for the u19 team? Thanks.

    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Andy,

      If you are born in 1995 the only way you can qualify for the U19 team is if you were to establish residency in Ireland (and are able to provide documentary evidence of this) for a minimum of 12 months within the period 1st January 2015 to 6th July 2016, as outlined above.

    • Andy Meyers


      Thanks for the info Michael. Any word on whether or not Ireland will be bringing a team to the 2016 European Championships? And if so when will the tryouts for this team be held?

    • Kevin Mahon


      I found out I missed the eligibility for the team and would like to know if you have any older teams or what to do for national teams in the future?

    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Andy – yes, Ireland will be entering a men’s team in the 2016 European Championships. The tryouts will take place towards the end of October of this year (2015) – further details are being confirmed and will be posted on our website in due course, together with the online registration form.

    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Kevin – Ireland will be entering a men’s team in the 2016 European Championships. The tryouts will take place towards the end of October of this year (2015) – further details are being confirmed and will be posted on our website in due course, together with the online registration form.

    • glenn.maracle


      my son is presently at onodoga colledge in syracuse u.s,on a lacrosse scholarship. He is a box lacrosse player from oakville canada 18 yrs old has played rep box14 yrs exp.and his grandparents born inarmagh ireland he ‘s interested in playing for your team

    • Riley Armstrong


      I was born January 9th 1998, 17 years old. My grandmother was born in Ireland. I currently play Jr.A and Jr.B with the Orangeville Northmen, I attend The Hill Academy for field lacrosse. I have been playing box and field lacrosse for over 10 years and am very interested in being apart of the team

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    • Lax mum


      Hi. Just wondering if my son was successful in the tryouts for the World Championships , how many training sessions would there be in the run up to the championships. Is there a training schedule available?

    • Catherine Conway


      Hi Riley,

      Glad to hear it! Make sure you get yourself registered for trials!


    • Catherine Conway


      The training schedule will be released after trials. Thanks!

    • Steve N


      My son is currently a resident of the United States and was born in Ireland on May 2, 1998, and appears to be eligible for Irish citizenship and a passport. He does not have his Irish passport yet, but certainly he will apply soon and would readily have it in time for the 2016 U19 World Championship. Can you confirm it is not a problem for him to try out for the team in June without his Irish passport in hand yet?
      Thank you.
      Steve N.

    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Steve,

      Based on the information you have provided about your son, including his date of birth and the fact that he was born in Ireland, I can confirm that he would indeed be eligible for the Irish U19 national lacrosse team.

      I can also confirm that he can indeed tryout – he would not need his Irish passport in advance of the tryout, but if he were to make the team, he would need it in advance of the tournament itself in July 2016.

      Hope to see you in Limerick at the end of June!

      Kind regards,

      Michael Kennedy

    • Brian Sweeney


      Hi there
      My son has been playing with the Dublin Avengers and would like to try out for the U19 squad. He is only available on Friday 26th however, as we are flying away on Saturday morning. Is it still possible to take part in the tryouts? Thank you

    • Harrison


      Hi there!
      I am an United States Citizen, I was born May 27th 1998, And I am very interested in trying out for the team. I was wondering how much flexibility there is on the kinship rules. My great great grandfather was born on Ireland, I understand this doesn’t meet the direct citizenship guidelines but would it be enough to play on the team? Perhaps an honorary citizenship could be granted for the period of time the tournament will take place?

      Thank you very much! Let me know as soon as possible!


    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Harrison,
      There is no flexibility on the eligibility rules. You must have an Irish passport, or have a parent or grandparent born in Ireland, or be resident in Ireland. These are the eligibility rules set by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) and in relation to rules for citizenship as stipulated by the Irish government which we are required to comply with.

    • Colette Young


      As we are from N. Ireland, my 19 year old son did not get the opportunity to play lacrosse until he went to university in England last September. Having played hockey for years, he already had good basic skills, and it is now his favourite sport.
      Is it possible to say what level of competition there will be for places? While he would love to represent his country, he would not have the experience of many others who are trying out.

    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi Colette = we would certainly encourage your son to come and tryout for the Irish U19 team. There will be player-candidates with a wide variety of experience there. We have always found that these tryouts are an extremely valuable learning experience in and of themselves as they give player-candidates access to good quality coaching and very useful introduction to the Ireland Lacrosse programme also. We would also encourage your son to stick around for the Celtic Open event, also happening at the University of Limerick a few days after the tryouts.

      Kind regards,
      Michael Kennedy

    • Jack


      My name is Jack Foy, I am 16 will be 17 in July and attend seattle academy a high school in seattle Washington and I saw that Irish national u19 team tryouts are coming up. My dad was born in Ireland and I have had an Irish passport for some time now and would really like to tryout. I have played on the varsity lacrosse team at my school throughout all my years there and have won a state title and I have also played on multiple elite traveling teams competing throughout the United States. Although I would love to tryout for the Irish team I will not be in the country during the dates but I will be in the country later in August and I was wondering if there was any way a tryout could be arranged for a time I am in the country. (a workout or practice with a team to showcase abilities) I could make any location and time work while I’m there. I’d love to represent Ireland if I could so please let me know if this is a possibility. If not, no worries.


    • Michael Kennedy


      Hi – thanks for your interest in the Irish U19 team. It is the policy of Ireland Lacrosse that all players must attend the tryout in Ireland to be eligible for selection for the team.

      Kind regards,

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