Vision for Irish Lacrosse & 2015-16 draft schedule


Ireland Lacrosse publishes Vision for Irish Lacrosse and draft schedule for 2015-16 season

Following its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 10 April, Ireland Lacrosse has published its ‘Vision for Irish Lacrosse‘.  This Vision is intended to update the members of Ireland Lacrosse on various developments over the last number of months, as well as outline key new provisions for the future, following discussion by the Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board, together with the Irish Lacrosse Foundation Board and other interested individuals due to get connected with Ireland Lacrosse through establishment of a ‘US Chapter’.  These changes have been ratified by the Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board and by the membership of Ireland Lacrosse via the AGM.

Click on the link to access the Vision for Irish Lacrosse.

The draft schedule for the 2015-16 season was also discussed and agreed at the AGM.  This draft schedule will be discussed with the clubs so that the details may be finalised well in advance of the start of the season, and the final schedule will be posted on the Ireland Lacrosse website.

Click on the link to access the draft Ireland Lacrosse 2015-16 schedule.



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