Men’s National Team

The ‘modern’ version of the Irish Men’s Senior National Team has been in existence since 2001. The team has played in the following fully-sanctioned tournaments:

Year Tournament Location Result
2001 European Championships Penarth, Wales 6th place
2002 World Championships Perth, Australia 12th place
2004 European Championships Prague, Czech Republic 7th place
2005 Celtic Cup Cardiff, Wales 1st place
2006 World Championships London, Ontario, Canada 7th place
2008 European Championships Lahti, Finland 6th place
2009 Celtic Cup Edinburgh, Scotland 3rd place
2010 World Championships Manchester, England 9th place
2012 European Championships Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2nd place
2013 Celtic Cup Limerick, Ireland 1st place
2014 World Championships Denver, Colorado, USA 10th place

For information on eligibility for the Irish national team, check the ‘National Team Eligibility’ section of this website. Individuals who are interested in trying-out for the Irish national team must attend the relevant selection camp – information about these selections camps will be posted on this website.