The Ireland Lacrosse Governance Manual contains detailed information about the governance and management of the organisation, its Constitution and Memorandum and Articles of Association, Executive Board Terms of Reference and Director Role Descriptions, and Strategic Plan information.  The Ireland Lacrosse Book of Rules contains detailed information about the rules, regulations, policies, codes of conduct and guidelines regarding all activities of Ireland Lacrosse.  In October 2017, Ireland Lacrosse was added to the ‘On the Journey’ Register of the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charity Organisations in Ireland.  The Ireland Lacrosse (Type B Organisation) Self-Assessment Checklist has been completed, and the Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board is aiming to approve its Public Statement of Compliance at its next meeting in October 2018, which will be published here in due course.

These three documents are important and essential documents relating to the governance, organisation and management of Ireland Lacrosse, and may be accessed via the links below:

Amendments to the Ireland Lacrosse Governance Manual or Ireland Lacrosse Book of Rules may be proposed via email to, and should include the relevant section number and header.  Proposals for amendments will be considered by the Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board and, where necessary or appropriate, by the Ireland Lacrosse general membership (normally via its Annual General Meeting (AGM)).

Each year, Ireland Lacrosse holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is open to all members of Ireland Lacrosse (voting is limited to individuals with active memberships).  Included below are the minutes from each AGM, including also the minutes from an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in January 2017:

Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board 2018-2019, to be updated April 2021