Ireland Lacrosse Announces 13U Éire Team to Compete at World Series of Youth Lacrosse

Ireland Lacrosse Announces 13U Éire Team to Compete at World Series of Youth Lacrosse

27 November 2019 – Ireland Lacrosse has announced that it will be sending an Éire team to compete for a championship in the 13U Warrior World Series of Youth Lacrosse event taking place in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2019.

Team Éire is traditionally comprised of a combination of US-based Irish heritage and Ireland-based players, and trials for the Éire team will take place both in the U.S. and in Ireland. This past summer, the senior-level Éire team competed in the World Lacrosse Festival, held in conjunction to the 2018 World Lacrosse Championship in Netanya, Israel. Michael Evans, Head Coach of the 13U Team Éire team was on staff, and Brian Fitzgibbons, Assistant Coach of the 13U Team Éire team, played on the senior team. Team Éire placed 3rd overall, finishing their tournament 6-1 against teams from all over the world.

Dublin-based Ireland Lacrosse CEO Michael Kennedy said, “We’re particularly excited to be working at this age level, and look forward to giving some young Irish players the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event alongside their Irish heritage brothers in the United States.”

“We’re thrilled to help bring youth lacrosse to Ireland and there’s no better way than to start with a world-class event against the best teams around,” said Team Éire Assistant Coach, Brian Fitzgibbons.

The Team Éire national prospects will kick off their first season this weekend in Florida at the Orlando Open event. “I’m excited to see how the boys do, playing up in the 14U age bracket this weekend. It’ll be a true test and indicator of what we need to work on as we continue to select the best Irish and Irish heritage players for the World Series and beyond” said Head Coach, Michael Evans.

If you have a son who is interested in playing with Ireland Lacrosse, or for tryout information and requirements, log on to Ireland Lacrosse for more information and become a member of Ireland Lacrosse. Ireland will host the FIL Men’s U19 World Championship, and World Festival, at the University of Limerick in July 2020 – for further information on this event visit 2020 U19 World Championships, University of Limerick.

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