About Us


Ireland Lacrosse shall, first and foremost, work to develop the sport of lacrosse throughout the island of Ireland for both men and women and at all levels from youth to adult. Arising out of this development, Ireland Lacrosse shall also oversee, manage and support the Irish national teams – for men and women and at under-age and senior levels.

In pursuit of this mission, Ireland Lacrosse works through Ireland Lacrosse North America, a subsidiary entity registered as a not-for-profit (501c3) organisation in the USA, and with the Irish Lacrosse Foundation, to raise awareness of our programmes, develop lacrosse in Ireland, and generate support for our national teams.

Ireland Lacrosse is also affiliated to the:

• European Lacrosse Federation (http://www.europeanlacrosse.org)
• Federation of International Lacrosse (http://www.filacrosse.com)

Check the downloads section for the Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board Terms of Reference and the Role Descriptions for each position on the Executive Board.

Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer (& Secretary) Michael Kennedy mkennedy@irelandlacrosse.ie
Financial Director John Frame jframe@irelandlacrosse.ie
Director for Coaching Development Sean Bodie sbodie@irelandlacrosse.ie
Women’s Director Katelin Billups kbillups@irelandlacrosse.ie
Development Director Aisling Casey acasey@irelandlacrosse.ie
National Teams Director John Cavanaugh jcavanaugh@irelandlacrosse.ie
Indoor Lacrosse Development Director (& Web Development) Sean Gibson sgibson@irelandlacrosse.ie
Men’s ILL Co-ordinator Arthur Cullinan clubs@irelandlacrosse.ie
Women’s ILL Co-ordinator Evanna Murphy clubs@irelandlacrosse.ie

Ireland Lacrosse Executive Board – Former Members

Ireland Lacrosse would like to thank its former board members for their year’s of service to the organisation.

Name Executive Role Year’s Served
Julie Clarke Woman’s Director 2010-2012
Paddy O’Leary President of the Irish Lacrosse League (ILL) 2009-2013
Colm Murphy Membership Director 2010-2016

Ireland Lacrosse Membership

Membership of Ireland Lacrosse is normally organized through its member clubs. If a player is a fully paid-up member of their club team, then they are automatically a member of Ireland Lacrosse through the annual affiliation dues that each club pays to Ireland Lacrosse.

Any individual who is not a member of an affiliated club but who wishes to become a member of Ireland Lacrosse may do so by completing the membership application form, see downloads sections for a downloadable copy of the membership form. You can then forward the completed form, along with the relevant fees, to the address listed on the form.

Ireland Lacrosse Activities

The primary functions of Ireland Lacrosse are to:

• Manage and oversee the range of activities that fall within the remit of Ireland Lacrosse,  as expressed in its mission statement.

• Promote the development of lacrosse throughout all parts of the island of Ireland, including through youth and community programmes, schools programmes, university-level programmes and adult club programmes, running clinics and exhibitions, publicizing major events and tournaments, as well as all of its national teams, and generally establishing a framework to provide opportunities at all age levels and in all regions for boys and girls, and men and women, to play lacrosse.

• Establish practical and professional training programmes for coaches and officials, aligned with any and all Irish Sports Council and/or Coaching Ireland requirements.

• Manage and oversee the running of the island-wide Irish Lacrosse League (ILL), as well as any other local, regional or indoor leagues or other similar activities (including camps).

• Manage and oversee all Irish national lacrosse teams – including outdoor (“field”) teams for men and women and at under-age and senior level, as well as any indoor teams.