Irish Masters Team

Our organisation is looking for ways to grow the ‘Ireland Lacrosse Family’ and to raise awareness of our programmes, develop the sport of lacrosse in Ireland, and generate support for Ireland’s national teams. As such, we are looking to build an Irish Masters Programme (inclusive of men’s and women’s lacrosse).


To be eligible for the Irish Masters Team you must have some connection to Ireland – live (or lived) here, have Irish ancestry (doesn’t matter how far back), married to an Irish person, etc.  Interested players should email with the following: Name, Position, DOB, Current Town and State, College (if played), High School, Hometown, Connection to Ireland.  To be eligible to play for the Irish Masters Team you must also be a member of Ireland Lacrosse – membership is available via:

The Irish Masters Team provides an opportunity to connect with Ireland Lacrosse, and to compete with and against Masters Teams from other countries.