WigWam Arena welcomes Irish Box Lacrosse

A box lacrosse game is to be held at the WigWam Inline Hockey arena in Bangor. As we saw with the last two successful box lacrosse games at Loughlinstown, this is a great opportunity for our younger players to pick up great experience (the speed of the game will do wonders for their stick skills).

In addition, this is a great opportunity for our Irish Indoor team members to pick up valuable game-time in the run up to the World Indoors 2011, so it’d be great for these guys if we can get large numbers playing.

The game will be held from 11 – 2pm, and will cost £10 per player. Can all captains forward the details of this game ASAP and ask them to personally reply to Gibby (gibbylax13@gmail.com) to confirm their interest?

Even if your club as a whole don’t plan on attending this, certain individuals would definitely be interested, so make sure they know this is going on.

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