Ireland Lacrosse AGM Announced

Ireland Lacrosse

Annual General Meeting

2 July 2011

A109 in the Newman building (Arts Block) at UCD on Saturday, 2 July at 1.30pm.


  1. Welcome
  2. Ireland Lacrosse NGB status and strategic planning
  3. Ireland Lacrosse – role descriptions, clubs committee, ILL rules, disciplinary procedures, IL website
    1. Elections to positions
      1. i.      Chief Executive Officer
      2. ii.      Secretary
      3. iii.      Financial Director
      4. iv.      Director for Coaching Development
      5. v.      Membership Director
      6. vi.      Women’s Director
      7. vii.      National Teams Director
      8. viii.      Any additional or new positions (ex. Chairperson of the ILL, Indoor Development Officer, Web Administrator)
  4. Ireland Lacrosse – draft schedule 2011-2012
    1. Euro 2012 planning
    2. Irish Lacrosse League 2011-2012
    3. Indoor League
    4. ILL All-Stars and Irish Women’s Development Team 2011-2012 (inc. relation to Euro 2012 planning)
    5. Other events
  5. Financial Management, Budgeting, Fundraising
  6. AOB

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