NILL to Kick off tomorrow

To All teams and Participants!

A reminder to everyone that the NILL will commence on January 10th and run until February 7th.
All games will be held on Tuesday nights between 8-10pm at Louglinstown Leisure Center.
Each player is reminded to bring €40 to the first game night as player fees to help cover the cost of floor time.
PLEASE ARRIVE AT 7:30pm as floor time is limited and we have to start at 8:00pm sharp!!!

Dublin Thunder: Sean Gibson, Simon Vit, Len Skelly, Richard Dunn, Julek Kosa, Dexter Blanc, Ger Harris, Quentin Loey,  Conor O’Brien, and Eoin Parsons

Dublin Darkside: Paddy O’Leary, Conor Walsh, Scott Heisler, Mark Colgan, Andy Sloane, Aidan Marshall, Drew Moran, Matthew Dunn, Ciaran Boylan, Gareth Kavanagh, and Donal O’Rinn

Dublin StormTroopers: Michael Kennedy, Paul Murran, Jon Lee, David Lusby, Tadhg Bolger, Cillian Murphy, James Nolan, Mike Gagnon, Ben Griffiths, Andrew Murphy, Byeyong Jin Jong, and Martin Scanlon

Guys  highlighted in bold are people I don’t have email addresses for so could people reach out to these individuals on my behalf and forward me an email address for them.

Two Goalies will be in the nets full time which will be Danny ‘The Fortress’ Jones and Colm ‘The Wall’ Murphy…

Games tomorrow:
Darkside vs StormTroopers – 8:00pm (Thunder stats and ref)
Thunder vs StormTroopers – 8:40pm (Darkside stats and ref)
Thunder vs Darkside – 9:20pm (StormTroopers stats and ref)

Games will be 2×15 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.
Team not playing will provide an official and a stats keeper.

***Everyone is asked to bring a pinnie with two colors.

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