NILL – Round Four report

By Ciarán Boylan, NILL Commissioner

The NILL passed its half-way point with the fourth instalment on Tuesday, February 3rd. The night saw three hard fought games, with a shake-up of the league leader board.

The first game saw Thunder face off against a determined Darkside, wanting to break their losing streak of the week before. With tallies from Bolger and Quinn for Thunder, and Wichmann and Murphy for Darkside, half-time saw a level score line of 2 a-piece. The offensive duo of Wichmann and Murphy proved too much for Thunder in the second half, with 5 goals between them (and one from Ger Harris) for an 8-3 finish.

Thunder, still deflated from their loss to Darkside, found it hard to rally against the strong-in-numbers Stormtroopers.  Stormtroopers found their stride, with goals spread across the score sheet, and with big nights coming from Quinn and Bonagee. A flashy reach-around goal from Bolger was Thunder’s only consolation, with the game finishing at 6-1 to Troopers.

With both teams coming off wins earlier in the night, and a first place on the leader board at stake, no love was lost between Troopers and Darkside for the final game of the evening. Ger Harris started Darkside on a roll, with an impressive handle of a loose ball to get Darkside on the board. Each side traded tit for tat, with Wichmann, Murphy, Kennedy and Bonagee all making their mark on the board. The second half saw a tighter defensive battle, with both teams intent on taking first place.  Wichmann managed to find the back of the net for Darkside one last time, but was no match for the Troopers with goals from Bonagee, Moff and rookie Fiachra Ó Coileáin’s first goal of the league to give Troopers the win.

The leader board currently looks like;

Stormtroopers      14

Darkside              13

Thunder               7

Individual player stats can be found here:

Join us next week for the second last and 5th instalment of the 2015 NILL!

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