Ireland Lacrosse and the ILF work together to provide equipment

Ireland Lacrosse and the Irish Lacrosse Foundation work ‘together as one’ to get equipment shipped to Ireland!

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Irish Lacrosse Foundation Directors Jimmy and Larry Carroll, working in co-ordination with Ireland Lacrosse CEO Michael Kennedy, a shipment of used lacrosse equipment has now arrived in Dublin, ready to be used for ongoing development!


The equipment has spent several years in storage in New Jersey in the USA, until Kennedy heard about the work that the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) has done to ship equipment to countries throughout the world, using a Baltimore-based shipping company called Mainfreight.  By working directly with Mainfreight, Kennedy and the Carroll Mainfreight-Logobrothers were able to finally get the large batch of equipment shipped to Ireland and available for the new clubs and new players throughout Ireland.

The equipment is now being stored at Ireland Lacrosse headquarters in Dublin and is available at discounted prices – just enough to cover the cost of the shipping and to be able to re-invest the income into the further purchase of equipment to continue the ongoing mission of developing lacrosse in Ireland.

Price lists and further details can be obtained from

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