Ireland Lacrosse Announces Formation of North American Chapter, ILNA

Ireland Lacrosse Announces Formation of North American Chapter, ILNA


Dublin, Ireland — Michael Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Ireland Lacrosse, has formally announced the creation of Ireland Lacrosse North America (ILNA).  ILNA will operate as a subsidiary of Ireland Lacrosse, the governing body of Lacrosse in Ireland.

ILNA was founded to assist Ireland Lacrosse in raising awareness of its programs, expanding membership, to raise funds and to form strategic partnerships with corporations throughout Canada and the United States. In this regard, ILNA dovetails the work previously undertaken by the Irish Lacrosse Foundation.

The Directors of Ireland Lacrosse North America are Michael Kennedy, James J Hoban and Sarah Walsh. ILNA has been formally established in the United States as a “not for profit” corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. ILNA is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. IRS Pub 557 indicates that the effective date of the exemption will be retroactive to the date of incorporation, which is February 4, 2016.

The primary functions of Ireland Lacrosse are:

  • Promote the development of lacrosse throughout all parts of the island of Ireland, including through youth and community programs, schools programs, university-level programs and adult club programs.
  • Establish a framework to provide opportunities at all age levels and in all regions of Ireland for boys, girls, men and women, to play lacrosse.
  • Run clinics and exhibitions, publicizing major events and tournaments throughout Ireland.
  • Establish practical and professional training programs for coaches & officials, aligned with any and all Irish Sports Council and/or Coaching Ireland requirements.
  • Manage and oversee the running of the island-wide Irish Lacrosse League (ILL), as well as any other local, regional or indoor leagues or other similar activities (including camps).
  • Manage and oversee all Irish national lacrosse teams – this includes a current portfolio of 5 teams (men’s senior, indoor, under-19, and women’s senior, under-19).

ILNA is proud to assist in all aforementioned functions of Ireland Lacrosse, as well as efforts to raise awareness of the great history of lacrosse in Ireland, and aid in the continued development of the great sport on the island of Ireland.

For questions pertaining to ILNA, please contact Director James J Hoban at For media inquiries, please contact Catherine Conway at

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