Rudi Wortmann elected as the new Chairperson of the Ireland Lacrosse Board

Congratulations to Rudi Wortmann on his election as the new Chairperson of the Ireland Lacrosse Board!

Following the presentation and announcement at the Ireland Lacrosse Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place via Zoom on 23 September 2021 (see for further information), and an election process in which all fully registered members of Ireland Lacrosse were able to participate, Rudi Wortmann has now been elected as the new Chairperson of the Ireland Lacrosse Board!

This role was advertised through the Federation of Irish Sport Board Recruitment Service, and constitutes a key appointment which will enable Ireland Lacrosse to modernise its governance arrangements to ensure compliance with Sport Ireland guidelines and good practice for sporting governing bodies.

Rudi joins Ireland Lacrosse with a very strong professional and sporting background, including several decades of involvement in Field Hockey in Ireland, China and his native Netherlands. Rudi has particular expertise and experience of coaching and coach development programmes, and so has lots of “on-the-field” experience, while also having strong inside knowledge of Hockey Ireland, a very well-established and well-regarded NGB in Ireland with teams that compete at Olympic level. Through his work with Hockey Ireland, Rudi has also gained a strong understanding of how Sport Ireland works, and he is already working to help Ireland Lacrosse get in a position to re-submit its application for formal recognition as an NGB to Sport Ireland.

Welcome to the Ireland Lacrosse family Rudi!

The development of the Ireland Lacrosse Board, which will help to oversee the organisation and management of the organisation, is part of a governance restructing process which commenced in 2019 (and was approved at the 2019 Ireland Lacrosse AGM).  This process will bring Ireland Lacrosse in-line with best practice generally and with sports governance requirements in Ireland, as set-out by Sport Ireland guidelines, and will further enable Ireland Lacrosse to pursue its mission more effectively.


Ireland Lacrosse shall, first and foremost, work to develop the sport of lacrosse throughout the island of Ireland for both men and women and at all levels from youth to adult. Arising out of this development, Ireland Lacrosse shall also oversee, manage and support the Irish national teams – for men and women and at under-age and senior levels. 


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