Irish Lacrosse Foundation (ILF)

The Irish Lacrosse Foundation was created in 2001 to develop the sport of lacrosse in Ireland and to assist in fundraising efforts for the expansion of lacrosse in Ireland. The Foundation, which is based in New York, acted as the national governing body for Irish lacrosse while it helped to develop the game further in Ireland.  As part of this initiative, the Irish Lacrosse Foundation was then instrumental in helping to establish a new organisation within Ireland – called Ireland Lacrosse – which would take over the reigns as the national governing body in 2009, recognised as such by the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) and the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL).

Now, the Irish Lacrosse Foundation provides general support and advice for the ongoing development of lacrosse in Ireland and the development of the Irish national teams.  And a new entity – Ireland Lacrosse North America – has been established in 2015 which works with Ireland Lacrosse (and the Irish Lacrosse Foundation) to pursue the common mission of developing lacrosse in Ireland.

I Dteannta a Chéile – Together as One!

The members of the Irish Lacrosse Foundation are therefore the forefathers of the (re-)emergence of the sport of lacrosse in Ireland in the early 21st century.

The Roll of Honour of its directors consist of the following:

  • Richie Moran, President

  • John Cavanaugh, Senior Vice-President

  • James Carroll, Treasurer

  • Dick Pepper, Vice-President

  • Thomas Prior, Vice-President

  • Tim Weir, Coaching Development

  • Tony Devine, Director

  • Larry Griswold, Director

  • Larry Carroll, Director

  • Jack McGettigan, Director

  • Kevin Carroll, Director

  • Dan Leidl, Secretary