Irish Lacrosse League: 2010-11 Season Archive

The 2010-2011 season marks the second season of the Irish Lacrosse League (ILL).

This year’s league sees five men’s teams (Dublin, UCD, Queens/Trinity, Galway & Dublin Bay Prawns) and four women’s teams (UCD, Dublin, Galway, Trinity) competing for the Irish Field Lacrosse National Championship (Richie Moran and Jimmy Carroll Cups respectively).

Some of the various awards from the 2011 season:

2010-2011 ILL Men’s Champions – UCD awarded the Richie Moran Cup

2011 ILL Newtownards Cup Champions – Dublin Bay Prawns The Newtownard’s Cupis named after the town of Newtownards, County Down, which apparently was the first town in Ireland to have a lacrosse team in 1872 (source:  “Lacrosse, as a game, received a footing in the county in 1872. Newtownards was the first town in Ireland to succumb to its allurements. Clubs have since been established at Bangor, Bloomfield, and recently at Newry.” (from Bassett’s County Down Guide and Directory, 1886 by George Henry Bassett).

2011 ILL Men’s Defensive MVP: Kevin “Moffat” Quinn, Dublin Bay Prawns
2011 ILL Men’s Offensive MVP: Sean Gibson, Dublin Lacrosse
2011 ILL Men’s Rookie of the Year: Gareth Kavanagh, UCD Lacrosse

2011 ILL Women’s Defensive MVP (women): Rachel Blake, UCD Lacrosse
2011 ILL Women’s Offensive MVP (women): Katelin Billups, Dublin Lacrosse
2011 ILL Women’s Most Improved Player (women): Aisling Casey, UCD Lacrosse

In 2011, there was no ILL Women’s Champion – Jimmy Carroll Cup awarded.  This is because the women’s championship is disputed.

In 2010-11, 5 ILL Gamedays were held, 2 of which were in Dublin, with the other 3 being held in Galway, Cork and Belfast.

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