Ireland Moves up to 7th in World Indoor Lacrosse Rankings

Despite struggling through a tough round robin at the 2011 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, Ireland managed at 17-15 aggregate win over Slovakia to claim 7th place overall finish.

Here is a brief summary of the games in the 3rd World Indoor Lacrosse Championships

Game One – Ireland vs Pardubice
Ireland 9 – LC Pardubice 7
Goals Scoring:
Ireland: Gillis (2), Gibson, Skelly, Vit, Lusby, Caufield, McTernan, Murphy

Game Two – Ireland vs Australia
Ireland 9 – Australia 8
Goals Scoring:

Game One – Ireland vs Iroquois
Ireland 3 vs Iroquois 23
Goals Scoring: Brian Gillis (2G), Kevin Owens (1G), Sean Gibson (1A), Tim O’Connor (1A)
Goal Tending: Mike Cregan 13GA/47SH (.768 SV%), Geoff Rainsford 10GA/32SH (.688 SV%)

Game Two – Ireland vs USA
Ireland 1 vs USA 22
Goals Scoring: Kevin Owens (1G), Brian Gillis (1A)
Goal Tending: Mike Cregan 7GA/47SH (.851 SV%), Geoff Rainsford 15GA/48SH (.688 SV%)

Game Three – Ireland vs Czech
Ireland 5 vs Czech 18
Goals Scoring: Mike McTernan (1G, 1A), Simon Vit (1G), David Lusby (1G), Paddy O’Leary (1G), Kevin Owens 1G), Brian Gillis (1A), Tim O’Connor (1A)
Goal Tending: Mike Cregan 2GA/19SH (.895 SV%), Geoff Rainsford 16GA/65SH (.754 SV%)

Game Four – Ireland vs Slovakia
Ireland 10 vs Slovakia 5
Goals Scoring: Brian Gillis (3G, 1A), Kevin Owens (3G), Tim O’Connor (2G, 1A), Joe Caulfield (1G), Mike McTernan (1G), Len Skelly (1A), Sean Gibson (1A)
Goal Tending: Geoff Rainsford 5GA/47SH (.894 SV%), Sean Murphy 0GA/1SH (1.000 SV%)

Game Five – Ireland vs Slovakia
Ireland 7 vs Slovakia 10
Goals Scoring: Brian Gillis (4G, 1A), Kevin Owens (1G, 1A), Joe Caulfield (1G, 2A), Mike McTernan (1G), Dan Leidl (1A)
Goal Tending: Geoff Rainsford 10GA/47SH (.787 SV%), Sean Murphy 0GA/2SH (1.000 SV%)

Overall Record (Including Exhibition) 3W – 4L

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