2013 USN Ireland National Indoor League Draft Results

The 2013 Draft has taken place for the USN Ireland National Indoor Lacrosse League.

Each of the three teams from last year were able to retain 4 players from last years team and then draft an additional 3 players in the annual draft. The draft order was Thunder, StormTroopers, and then the Darkside which was based on last years results.

This year’s teams look like this:

Mark Colgan, Aidan Kelly, Paddy O’Leary, Lucasz, Andy Sloane, Aurelien St. Paul, Conor Walsh

Joe Blitman, Ciaran Boylan, Michael Kennedy, Andrew Murphy, Cillian Murphy, James Nolan, Martin Scanlon

Richard Blanc, Arthur Cullinan, Sean Gibson, Andy Gordon, Ger Harris, Conor O’Brien, Eoin Parsons

Danny Jones and Colm Murphy  once again will be full time goalies for the league.

It is not too late as a number of people have expressed interest in playing in the league.

You can still sign up (http://www.irelandlacrosse.ie/home/?page_id=1373) and all players signing up prior to the first gameday on *January 8th will be put in a supplementary draft. The Draft order for this will be Thunder, StormTroopers, Darkside, Thunder, StormTroopers, Darkside, etc. until all remaining players are chosen.
The league will commence on January 8th and run until February 26th (8 Weeks!). All games will be held on Tuesday nights between 8-10pm at Louglinstown Leisure Center. Each player is reminded to bring €45 (season fee’s) to the first game night as player fees to help cover the cost of floor time.

Come out and see if the Darkside can defend their 2012 USN Ireland NILL Crown or if there will be a new USN Ireland NILL champion in 2013!

*If you wish to play after this date you can drop in each week but, the cost is 10 Euro per session.

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