Ireland Lacrosse Online Shop

The online shop, powered by Spreadshirt, is one of several of our fundraising mechanisms. The primary target audience for the online shop is individuals outside of Ireland (though it is also available to anyone within Ireland). The online shop is not intended to be something that replaces any apparel printing that any individual club would like to do. We often say that one of the problems with many of our fundraising activities is that we are too often raising funds from amongst our own players, and we need to broaden this so that we can solicit funds from people outside of Ireland.

The online shop provides a mechanism to do this, with minimal input of labour, and no need for anyone to handle apparel stock or money (all profits from the sale of apparel on the online shop is deposited directly into the Ireland Lacrosse Paypal account, which is linked with our actual bank account).

To date, we’ve sold 46 items in our North American shop ( with our top-sellers being the Ireland Lacrosse t-shirt and Ireland Lacrosse hoodie. We also recently sold our first two t-shirts from our ‘All-Ireland Classic Range’ – one Armagh Lacrosse t-shirt and one Tipperary Lacrosse t-shirt. We’ve sold 7 items in our Ireland and Europe shop ( with our top-sellers being men’s and women’s Ireland Lacrosse t-shirts. A small sub-committee was formed following the Ireland Lacrosse AGM to consider the viability of the online shop and possible ways in which it might be improved, however, any individuals are welcome to submit ideas, including any logos or designs that they would like to see made available on the shop, to

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