NILL Registration and Draft News

The NILL is entering its 4th season and promises to be more exciting than ever as box lacrosse continues to grow on the Island and we are entering a year where there is a major indoor world championships. This year Commissioner Ciaran Boylan takes over the reigns of the league and is excited about this years league. If you are interested in playing please get your registration in by January 5th.

On January 6th, there will be an open scrimmage from 8-10pm and following on from that the Captains of each team will  decide the draft which will be based on last years rankings in reverse order. Each team will protect 3 players from last year’s rosters in addition to the team captain. All other players will be then drafted.

A reminder to everyone that the league will commence on January 7th and run until February 17th (6Weeks!). All games will be held on Tuesday nights between 8-10pm at Louglinstown Leisure Center. Each player is reminded to bring €45 to the first game night as player fees to help cover the cost of floor time.

Link to Registration

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