UCD Women’s Team Seeking New Head Coach





Advertisement and Job Description

The UCD Women’s Lacrosse Team is currently seeking expressions of interest for the position of Head Coach.  The position is available in the first instance for the period 19th January to 1st May 2015, with the possibility of an extension of the contract if deemed appropriate by all relevant parties.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Head Coach is expected to provide the following services to the UCD Women’s Lacrosse Team:

  • Assistance with the organisation of the UCD Lacrosse Club, in co-operation with all UCD Lacrosse Club Committee members;
  • Assistance with preparations for the UCD Re-Fresher’s Week events at the start of semester two (January 2015);
  • Attendance at all UCD Lacrosse Club committee meetings, and any additional meetings where the Head Coach has been nominated as the appropriate representative of the Club (including Ireland Lacrosse meetings, Irish Lacrosse League (ILL) meetings, UCD Sport meetings and/or other appropriate meetings);
  • Development and implementation of the training programme for all players who are members of the UCD women’s lacrosse team.  This includes working with the Team Captain to define the training schedule, and assisting, where appropriate, with the booking of the relevant field times or other facilities, as well as assistance with the provision of required equipment;
  • Supervision of all training sessions for the team.  Where appropriate, and with the agreement of the UCD Lacrosse Club committee, the Head Coach may appointment an Assistant Coach to assist with any relevant activities, including running any training sessions or other events for the team;
  • Where the Head Coach anticipates missing training or any other relevant event, and/or anticipates a leave of absence for any length of time, it is strongly recommended that they appoint an Assistant Coach.  Any appointed Assistant Coach will report directly to the relevant (Men’s or Women’s) Head Coach;
  • Where the Head Coach chooses to appoint an Assistant Coach, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach to receive applications for the position (in accordance with the UCD Lacrosse Club Procedure for the Appointment of Coaches) and to make the final decision with respect to the appointment of an Assistant Coach.  Any Assistant Coach must be appointed within one month of the start of each academic semester (autumn or spring);
  • Team selection for all matches, including but not limited to Gameday events associated with the Irish Lacrosse League (ILL);
  • Attendance at all fixtures, including but not limited to ILL Gameday events;
  • Assistance with the selection, supervision and development of UCD Elite Athlete Academy scholarship players (where applicable).
  • In addition to the agreed duties, the Head Coach may from time to time be required to provide additional or other services as necessary to meet the Club’s requirements.
  • The Head Coach will also be responsible for ensuring that their Ireland Lacrosse (or other equivalent) coaching qualifications (and Garda Vetting, working with children in sport, and first aid training) are up-to-date.

Place and Hours of Work

The normal place of work is UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.  Team practices normally take place on Mondays, 4.30-6pm, and Thursdays, 7.30-9pm on-campus at UCD during the academic term (which starts on 19th January and ends on 16th May 2015).  The Head Coach will be expected to attend all practices (or may appoint an Assistant Coach, as above, to run some practices) and to perform the relevant duties in such areas within Ireland or elsewhere as may be agreed upon by the Head Coach and the Team Captain and/or other member(s) of the Club Committee from time to time.

Probationary Period

The UCD Lacrosse Club reserves the right to establish a probationary period during which the new appointee’s performance will be evaluated.  This period will normally be no longer than two weeks.  If the new appointee does not perform to the standard expected, then their contract may be terminated with immediate effect.


The Club shall pay a fixed gross rate of €15 per hour for coaching services provided, and the total number of hours worked within the term of this contract shall not exceed 46 hours.  Coaching services may be provided through administrative work in pursuit of the aims and objectives of the club, attendance at and participation in matches or other competitive events, and regular training.  Each training session will normally be considered to be 1.5 hours in duration, including preparation and set-up, one hour of training, and clean-up and handling of any end-of-training business.  Payment to the Head Coach will be issued on the Club’s behalf by the UCD Athletic Union Council, which administers a payment system whereby a single one-off payment for all hours will made in May 2015.

The administration of all arrangements pertaining to the recruitment, hiring, drafting and signing of relevant contracts, recording of hours and submission of pay claims is the responsibility of the Senior Treasurer of the UCD Lacrosse Club.

To apply:

Application for the post of Women’s Head Coach must be made in writing (via email) to the Chair of the Selection Committee (Senior Treasurer of the UCD Lacrosse Club) to michael.e.kennedy@ucd.ie.   The application should include a curriculum vitae which highlights any relevant experience, including coaching experience, a copy of any relevant coaching certificates as well as any additional supporting documentation (ex. evidence of First Aid training, Code of Ethics for Working with Children in Sport training, referee training, etc.).  In the text of the email there should also be 1-2 paragraphs outlining the reasons why the candidate is interested in the position.

The deadline for receipt of applications for this position has been extended to midnight on Friday, 6th February 2015.



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