IWLL Gameday 11th November 2023

Saturday 11th November saw the first Gameday of the season in the Irish Women’s Lacrosse League (IWLL). UCD Lacrosse and Dublin Lacrosse travelled up to Queen’s University, Belfast, for three matches of sixes lacrosse. This is the version of lacrosse that will feature in LA2028 and is an incredibly fast-paced, compact version of the game, combining the best elements of the traditional field and box disciplines.

Dublin ended the day with two wins and UCD with 1. The top goal scorer for the day was Irene Byrnes (DUB) with 8 goals followed closely by Grace Pavloff (QUB) with 7 goals. Becky Moloney (DUB) had the highest number of saves of the day at 17 saves. Avery Bacik (DUB) had the highest number of assists at 4 assists.

The next events will be a Lacrosse Day on 25th November followed by the next sixes gameday on 9th December, both in Dublin.

Queen's University Belfast Team Photo

Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s Vs UCD

The first match of the day saw the home team Queens take on UCD Lacrosse. The game was very close with UCD coming away with a 10-9 win. Top goal scorer of the match was Belfast’s Grace Pavloff with 5 goals and it was also impressive to see Queen’s Amber Newell step in as goalie and save 11 goals! UCD had a wide spread of goal scorers with 13 different players scoring goals over their two matches.

  • Belfast Points: Amber Newell (11S), Grace Pavloff (5G), Željka Čulina (2G, 1A), Grace Knightly-Mills (2G, 1A)
  • UCD Points: Josie Burke (5S), Alanna Jackman (2G), Zoe O’Dea (1G), Rachyl Barry (1G), Meg Bracy (1G), Marisole Mascardo (1G), Sara Pratt (1G), Anya Fitzpatrick (1G), Maeve Brackett (1G), Nadine Fadel (1G), Sarah O’Flaherty (1G)
UCD Team Photo

UCD Lacrosse

Queen’s Vs Dublin

The second match was between Queen’s and Dublin Lacrosse. Dublin were joined by several players from the Éire youth program (find out more here!). This was a well fought game with Dublin winning 13-8. Éire player, Naoise Howley, played in goals for Queens and had a great match saving 8 goals. Top goal scorer was Avery Bacik (DUB) with 3 goals.

  • Belfast Points: Naoise Howley (8S), Grace Pavloff (2G), Željka Čulina (2G, 1A), Grace Knightly-Mills (3G), Lucie Johnson (1G)
  • Dublin Points: Becky Moloney (9S), Avery Bacik (3G, 2A), Kirstie Schutte (2G, 1A), Irene Byrnes (2G), Lizzie Troup (2G), Minty Clarry (2G), Joy Boucher (1G), Fem Moloney (1G), Laura Reilly (1A)
Dublin Lacrosse Team Photo

Dublin Lacrosse

Dublin Vs UCD

The final game of the day saw UCD take on Dublin Lacrosse. Another intense game with Dublin coming out on top 14-7.  Top goal scorer was Irene Byrnes with 6 goals.

  • UCD Points: Meg Bracy (3S), Zoe O’Dea (2G), Sara Pratt (2G), Alanna Jackman (2G), Rachyl Barry (1G)
  • Dublin Points: Becky Moloney (8S), Irene Byrnes (6G), Kelly Campbell (2G, 1A), Lizzie Troup (2G), Maggie Rundell (2G), Avery Bacik (2A), Luci Bustamante (1G), Minty Clarry (1G), Millie Griffin (1A)


Thanks to our Volunteers!

As always, these gamedays are not possible without the help of our wonderful volunteers. Huge thanks to everyone that was involved:

  • Stats: Eimear Fitzpatrick, Femke Moloney
  • Refs: Laura Stokes, Nadine Fadel, Kelly Campbell
  • Hosts: Queen’s University Belfast
  • League Coordinator: Eimear Fitzpatrick
  • Coaches:
    • Queen’s: Dee McKim
    • UCD: Nadine Fadel, Alanna Jackman, Aisling Casey
    • Dublin: Kirstie Schutte, Kelly Campbell
    • Éire: Becky Moloney, Kelly Campbell


Visit the IWLL Galleries page for photos from the gameday.




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