2024 National Teams Internship Programme Opportunities

2024 National Teams Internship Programme Opportunities

U21 Men’s Lacrosse World Cup – Limerick, Ireland.
Ireland vs Czech Republic, 16th August 2022.

Dublin, Ireland –  Ireland Lacrosse is pleased to announce the opening of the 2024 National Teams Intern Programme. The Ireland Lacrosse Intern Programme is designed to give qualified high school / college age (16+) applicants access to a high-level sports experience, a chance to learn team operations and to work in a professional sports environment. We are looking for candidates who: are responsible, interested in lacrosse/athletics, savvy with social media, willing to fundraise, and are keen to get involved.

We are searching for interns to travel and work with our teams at the following events in 2024:

  • Women’s Senior European Championships: Braga, Portugal, 10-20 July
  • Men’s U20 European Championships: Wroclaw, Poland, 19-27 July
  • Men’s World Box Lacrosse Championships: Utica, New York, 20-29 September
  • Women’s World Box Lacrosse Championships: Utica, New York, 20-29 September

Interns will have the ability to work across all areas within the National Team or may choose to work with an assigned staff member in a specific area of interest to them, such as:

  • Team Management
  • Aid with coaching / Scouting / Video Analysis
  • Physiotherapist/medical
  • Team Operations
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Other duties may not be listed


A full overview can be found here – 2024 Ireland Lacrosse Intern Programme.


Application Process – deadline is 16 February 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.


It is important to note that Ireland Lacrosse is a volunteer organisation and all of our National Teams are self-funded. All players are required to raise money or fund their national team experiences. Interns will also be required to fundraise or self-fund $5000-$7000 (USD). This will be monitored leading up to the event to ensure fundraising objectives are being covered at specific intervals. Ireland Lacrosse operates a registered 501(c)3 charitable entity as Ireland Lacrosse North America, and all eligible donations are subject to tax write offs and corporate matching.


Any questions can be directed to intern@irelandlacrosse.ie! We look forward to hearing from you.



Assistant Coach, Women's National Team

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